Health & Safety

At LTS we take Health and Safety very seriously and implement the following as part of our policy. All staff, representatives, contractors and suppliers' activities work to in line with the following:

  • Comply fully with all legal requirements and meet or exceed our health and safety expectations;
  • Provide a secure working environment by protecting ourselves, our assets and our operations against risk of injury, loss or damage and thereby protecting our business;
  • Ensure that all our employees, contractors and others are well informed, well trained, engaged and committed to the health and safety improvement process. We recognise that safe operations depend not only on technically sound plant and equipment but on competent people and an active health and safety culture, and that no activity is so important that it cannot be done safely;
  • Regularly provide assurance that the processes in place are working effectively. While all employees and contractors are responsible for health and safety performance, line management is accountable for understanding and managing health and safety risks;
  • Fully participate in hazard identification, risk assessment and reporting of health and safety results;
  • Maintain public confidence in the integrity of our operations. We will openly report our performance and consult with people outside LTS Refurbishment Ltd to improve our understanding of external and internal health and safety issues associated with our operations;
  • Expect that all parties working on LTS Refurbishment Ltd behalf recognise that they can impact our operations and reputation, and must operate to our standards. We will assure ourselves that our contractors• and others• management systems are compatible with our commitment to health and safety performance.

Charlie Johnson
Managing Director
LTS Refurbishment Ltd